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Underdog Academy has dedicated the bulk of its time to the cultivation of the people. In traveling and studying the social climate of urban America, UA realized the culture was stagnant. That is to say, the culture was no longer challenging the people to grow mentally or spiritually. We decided the best way to change this was to deal with it head on. We have taken on the responsibility of addressing social, political, and racially charged issues through performance, literature, and art in order to spread awareness of a marginalized perspective. The collective believes that through this rhetorical venture, the boundaries that confine and restrict the understanding of people will be made a little more transparent and add to the global conversation on each respective topic. Underdog Academy is an advocate of artist and community development. Partnering with and not limited to, organizations, colleges and universities around the Ohio and Midwestern region, Underdog Academy is a working outreach mechanism for the commonwealth.

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